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The third phase of opening Yazidis’ mass graves in Sinjar has been completed and 94 bodies were discovered

Ezidi 24 – Kocho The national team of the mass graves in the Martyrs’ Foundation and the Department of Forensic…

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Yazidi Women are Strong Enough to Return Home

Yazidi and Assyrian communities are indigenous to Iraq and until this day many do not know what they are because…

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Pari Ibrahim: The camp managers refused to eat the bread, since they were made by the hands of Yazidis.

By Ezidi 24 Yazidi activist and founder and executive director of Free Yezidi foundation Ms. Pari Ibrahim gave a speech…

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The Yazidi people: Some of Islamic State’s many victims

    The so-called Islamic State’s hold on parts of Iraq and Syria was a brutal one. It group’s reign…

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New Statistics About The Yazidi Genocide In Iraq

    Ezidi 24 – Baghdad The Supreme Judicial Council in Iraq announced on Saturday, 20th July 2019, a new…

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Nadia Murad met with Trump in the Oval Office on Monday following a conference on religious freedom

The UN Goodwill Ambassador and Nobel Peace Prize recipient recounted the murder of her mother and six brothers to the…

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Nadia Murad’s Speech at Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom

  Ezidi 24 – Washington I want to thank Vice President Pence, Secretary Pompeo, Ambassador Brownback, and the United States…

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A statement of the position of the executions of organized criminals calling out away from the involvement of the victims

  By Ezidi 24 The teams of the Eyzidi organization for Documentation, and the Shlomo Organization for Documentation, which are…

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In Iraq, minority children haunted by ghosts of IS captivity

Brainwashed and broken, the Islamic State group’s youngest victims are struggling to recover from years of jihadist captivity as they…

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Yazda announces a high-level conference on the occasion of the 5th Anniversary of the Yazidi Genocide in Baghdad

    By Ezidi 24 Yazda announces a high-level conference on the occasion of the 5th Anniversary of the Yazidi…

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