FILM: ‘Camion’ leads nowhere

 By : Kovan H.Saado The opening film of this year’s Duhok International Film Festival reminds me of Hamid Naficy’s “accented…

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Remembering Lamya Haji Bashar

  By Aditi Bhaduri Her wrinkled skin is still etched in my mind, her puckered eye haunts me still. And…

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Five years after Yazidi genocide, US warns ISIS is rebounding

  BY SETH J. FRANTZMAN ISIS is trying to make a comeback in Iraq and Syria. It has established a more stable…

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Isis may be gone but we are handing them a victory over the Yazidi people they tried to destroy

  By Mirza Dinnayi Those who have managed to survive rape, torture and genocide are being denied the fundamental tools…

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“As a survivor of a genocide, it is so difficult to sleep”

  Five years ago, Majhor Abbdullah Hagi witnessed the slaughter of thousands of his fellow Yezidi people at the hands…

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Echos of the Girls of Shingal

  Hawzhin Azeez Echos of You You were born on the sacred mountains of Shingal, and you inherited the rich…

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Seth J. Frantzman The Jerusalem Post has recently published an article that covers “Memories of Yazidis and Lalish on World…

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Iraqi Colonel has sympathy with ISIS and described Yazidis as Devil worshippers

  Sagvan Shivan When the largest Iraqi institution advocates ISIS ideas, how Iraqi government can rebuild its society!!!. A person…

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Why we need an independent Yazidi media

As the media and communication sector becomes ever more diverse and dynamic, degrees in the field of media and communication…

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