The third phase of opening Yazidis’ mass graves in Sinjar has been completed and 94 bodies were discovered

Ezidi 24 – Kocho The national team of the mass graves in the Martyrs’ Foundation and the Department of Forensic…

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The Yazidi people: Some of Islamic State’s many victims

    The so-called Islamic State’s hold on parts of Iraq and Syria was a brutal one. It group’s reign…

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New Statistics About The Yazidi Genocide In Iraq

    Ezidi 24 – Baghdad The Supreme Judicial Council in Iraq announced on Saturday, 20th July 2019, a new…

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Sitting outside a refugee camp in northern Greece, the woman across from me – a member of the Yazidi faith…

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Counting Mass Atrocity: A Demographic Documentation of ISIS’s Attack on the Yazidi Village of Kocho

  by Valeria Cetorelli & Sareta Ashraph On 3 August 2014, the armed group, the Islamic State of Iraq and…

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Exclusive: ICMP Clarification on Sinjar’s wildfire and its impact on mass graves

By Ezidi 24 “Mass graves and remains of victims are likely to be damaged only after prolonged exposure due to…

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Ambassador of the Netherlands to Iraq visits Sinjar, calls for political solution for Sinjar and international tribunal for ISIS-atrocities

Ezidi 24 H.E. Matthijs Wolters, Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, visited Sinjar district on Thursday (20/6.) The Ambassador…

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VOA Documents Yazidi Girls’ Triumph over Tragedy in New Film

“Hell and Hope” is one of VOA’s newest documentaries, focusing on the lives of Yazidi girls abducted by the Islamic State…

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Burning Yazidi mass graves is the best evidence of Iraqi careless towards Yazidi case

By Ezidi 24  Yazidi survivor and human rights activist Akhlas Khider issued a video statement on Monday addressing the international…

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WHO ARE YAZIDIS?   Is it true that Yazidis worship devil? This has been circulated about them for centuries. Why…

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