Yazidi Women are Strong Enough to Return Home

Yazidi and Assyrian communities are indigenous to Iraq and until this day many do not know what they are because…

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In Iraq, minority children haunted by ghosts of IS captivity

Brainwashed and broken, the Islamic State group’s youngest victims are struggling to recover from years of jihadist captivity as they…

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Yazda announces a high-level conference on the occasion of the 5th Anniversary of the Yazidi Genocide in Baghdad

    By Ezidi 24 Yazda announces a high-level conference on the occasion of the 5th Anniversary of the Yazidi…

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Kidnapped and sold as a slave, this IS survivor wants to tell the story of Yazidi women

Badeeah Hassan Ahmed is among the few Yazidi women to speak publicly and share her story Badeeah Hassan Ahmed used…

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Removing landmines in Sinjar, Iraq

A boy sits over the ruins of the village school in Sahia village In a series of photographs from his…

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As Canadian writer: It is our moral responsibility to stop this ongoing annihilation of the Yazidi Middle East

  ISIS are waging a war of terror against the people they formerly slaughtered and enslaved, namely the Yazidi people…

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Sitting outside a refugee camp in northern Greece, the woman across from me – a member of the Yazidi faith…

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Counting Mass Atrocity: A Demographic Documentation of ISIS’s Attack on the Yazidi Village of Kocho

  by Valeria Cetorelli & Sareta Ashraph On 3 August 2014, the armed group, the Islamic State of Iraq and…

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Yazidi Women Training in Israel to Help Their Community Cope With the Trauma of ISIS

  Two-week course developed by experts in the hopes community leaders can return to Iraq, where ‘there’s roughly one psychologist…

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Music and art help Yazidi genocide survivors to heal

In an art therapy session for Yazidi survivors, a girl drew a portrait of her friend who committed suicide to…

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