Jewish are forced to sign a document for leaving while Yazidi are given two options converting to Islam or killing

Sagvan shivan

Iraq is known as a mother of civilization and multi minorities’ community in the Middle East, it has long root of history with various nations, ethnic groups and ethno-religious groups. Islam is the official state religion in the Republic of Iraq, but the constitution guarantees freedom of religion. Iraq is a multi-ethnic and multi religious country with Islam, Christianity, Yazdanism, Zoroastrianism, Shabakism, Judaism, Mandaeism, Bahai, Ahl-e Haqq-Yarsanis, and numerous other religions all having a presence in the country.

According to multi historical sources, the history of the Jews in Iraq is documented from the time of the Babylonian captivity c. 586 BC, Jewish community has long root of history with Iraqi chronicle. Iraqi Jews constitute one of the world’s oldest and most historically significant Jewish communities. In 1951 around 95 per cent of the Iraqi Jewish population (120,000 to 130,000) was airlifted to Israel in an operation financially supported largely by American Zionists to protect them from the Iraqi people and its government post Second World War.

In order to leave all Jewish families were forced to sign a document saying that if they did not return in three months all their assets were surrendered to the Iraqi state. Jewish people decided their freedom were worth more than anything they left behind.

Many Jewish people were forced to witness in exile and tragedies of Jewish community in sixties by the young Ba’athist Saddam Hussein hanged many Jewish people, as supposed traitors to the regime in front of a jubilant crowd of people.

They were people who had nothing to do with anything, now this country repeats its black history again with other minority groups such as the Yazidis now suffering a similar fate to the Jews with same ideology and mentality but in different forms with different faces.

There is a systematic plan ongoing for sudden disappear and completely vanishing Yazidi community from their homeland, deficiency security of the Yazidi areas and shortage of basic needs of daily life.

Despite of unsustainable life condition, both governments (Iraqi Federal government & Kurdish Regional authorities) create restrictions for the Yazidi people to return back to their homes and rebuilding their houses, closing main roads between Yazidi IDP camps in Sheikhan and Dohuk to Sinjar town.

They force Yazidi people to take a road which takes more than five hours and pass through cities (Mosul and Tal-Afer) which enslaved and sold hundreds of Yazidi girls and women.

The reports say: The road is currently open for the Yazidis after a lot of attempts by Yazidi activists, NGOs and most recently Nadia Murad the Yazidi Noble Peace Prize laureate but this is not enough for the Yazidis who are subjected to mass killing in 2014 and systematically given two options converting or killing, Yazidi issues are bigger than opening a road which is formally permitted rights for travelling inside the country without obstacles.

There are so many indications that Yazidi minority has been systematically marginalized by political parties and their agenda to leave its land, the political interests of some Iraqi and Kurdish parties in the Yazidis populated areas. Yazidi people have been dismissed from one seat of Iraqi last election parliamentary election; no representatives from Shingal (Sinjar) managed to grab a seat in the Iraqi last parliament elections. Yazidi were supposed at least take 4 seats by the votes of IDPs according to informal surveys , but most of the Yazidi votes were not counted, as many as 150,000 IDPs from Shingal (Sinjar) voted in IDP camps. The IDPs votes had not been fully counted when the commission in Baghdad announced the final result; there was not clear justification by commission for not counting Yazidi votes.

This was preplanned by many parties. This has been done behind the curtains with Iraqi political blocks and parties, while at the same time the votes of the other IDPs who were basically settled in south Mosul and KRG were counted in comparison with Yazidi IDPs.

Generally, Iraq isn’t protected by its national army after 2003, in particularly, Yazidi people are also discriminately ignored by both governments in terms of securing Yazidi areas; these two governments don’t have willingness to make a good environment, and protecting Yazidi from radicals and Jihadists attacks in future yet.

It is why one of the most needed Yazidi request is an international protection for the Yazidi people and Yazidi areas.

The current situation of Yazidi people is very similar Jewish people during the sixties and seventies.

It is very important both governments to find the best ways to build the trust in Yazidi individual minds, otherwise Yazidis will keep thinking of two options.

I would like to conclude with Victoria Addino speech: “Do not constantly spend your time complaining about a problem you may be having or may be up against, focus your time toward correcting the problem.

Always remember, Time is value!”, if there is no seriousness and willingness for protecting Yazidi minority in Iraq and Kurdistan Region, they will lose this indigenous community gradually.

Yazidis will not lose them in this respect they will lose Yazidis.

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