Yazidis are Volunteering to Rescue the Kidnapped Yazidi Women Amid of World Silence

Ezidi 24: Thiyab Ghanim
Translated by: Khalid Qasim

After the control of Islamic State In Iraq and Syria (ISIS) on the city of Shingal/Sinjar; that is located west of Ninewa governorate in northern Iraq; in 3rd of August 2014, and killed thousands of Yezidi men and abducting more than 6,000 women, girls, and children. Now its four years that Yazidis have been kidnapped but there are 3,243 Yezidi women and girls were rescued from captivity according to official statistics released by the Office of the Rescue of Kidnappers and Kidnapped Yezidis in Dohuk.

The abducted Yazidi girls were subjected to sexual torture, psychological and mental issues, and physical abuse amid the silence of the world. World does not care to move for seeking for those who are still in captivity of ISIS. But the silence of the entire world does not mean Yazidis will stay silent too. In a way or another, the Yazidis managed to free over 3,000 Yezidis however there are still more than 3,000 others in ISIS captivity. The question arises: Who will free the abducted and kidnapped Yazidis?

After the liberation of the cities that were under the control of ISIS, few Yazidi women and girls were freed from ISIS captivity, while some of the Arab locals from these liberated areas that welcomed ISIS, have taken the kidnapped ones with them to the IDPs camps within Ninewa governorate. Many requests to take actions and to form committees that can search for the missing and kidnapped Yazidis among the displaced populations happened, but it led to no good results. Most of the Yazidis now lost the hope of depending on the government that made them to depend on themselves to search for the kidnapped and missing beloved ones. The individual search operations showed good results that were much better not taking actions. Some of these individuals who searched in the camps, found some of the kidnapped Yazidis and the last girl was found and freed just days ago.

Mahmood Sumoqi; is Yazidi who act on freeing kidnapped Yazidis, speaking to Ezidi 24 stated “the work in this field is not easy one, as it requires confronting with the armed forces and different groups that are in control of different cities in Syria. The goal of this act is to help my people the Yazidis and we can help human beings but nothing else”

He continued saying “We face many different difficulties and some are risks on our life every time we try to rescue a kidnapped one. My colleague ‘Shireen Shivan’ and I, are working without any support and we are proud of our work. Thank God we could free 48 kidnapped ones from different Syrian cities that are under control of the different terrorist groups such as ISIS, Ahrar Alsham, Jabhat Alnasra and others while also we could free some others from the camps in Syria”

Sumoqi continued saying “there were organizations that visited us but never provided support to us. Our kidnapped brothers and sisters are facing the death but yet the world is silent. This is enough, it is time for us to go and help them and we are hoping to free as many as possible of the Yazidi abductees”
Tahseen Khalaf; is a Yazidi from Shingal/Sinjar and has relatives that are still in captivity. Khalaf is speaking to Ezidi 24 and saying
“We waited for long and hoped that we will hear good news, but we lost hope and our eyes are dried from dropping tears while keeping steering at the roads. The whole world is silent, as if the kidnapped ones were the ones who killed the innocents and kidnapped the women and children. To let the world know, we will not stay doing nothing and we will start acting and search for them for until the last day of our life”

“Having good and brave people around gives us greater motivation and hope. These people are the ones who work to rescue the abducted and kidnapped persons. We are proud of them. I am sure if they were able to do, half of the Yazidis would do the same. We, the one who lost their beloved ones, have no government nor a country, or an organization to free the abductees and the kidnapped ones. Exception of this is the office that was opened in Duhok, and those who work day and night to find one of the kidnapped ones. They are the first and last door that we can knock it for help, because we know that there is no humanity”
This is what Khalaf had said at the end of his speech with Ezidi 24.

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