Yazda’s Participation in the Preparation of 2019 Thematic Report of the UN Human Rights Council

Ezidi 24 _ Shingal

Yazda was a privilege to be contacted by the UN Special Rapporteur on trafficking in persons, Ms. Maria Grazia Giammarinaro, and her team to share its expertise in preparation of her next thematic report at the UN Human Rights Council to be published in June 2019. The report seeks to focus on key challenges and innovative and transformative models of social inclusion of victims of trafficking into societies.

As an NGO focusing mainly on the Yazidi case and plight, notably in Iraq, Yazda was pleased to share its experience first in a written submission and second by participating in an expert consultation in Addis Ababa, in Ethiopia, from 31 January to 1 February 2019.

Yazda’s representative, Ms. Natia Navrouzov underlined the challenges faced by the Yazidi minority in Iraq and the social exclusion it was suffering from, even before the Islamic State’s attacks in August 2014. She then explained that their situation worsened since that date and that more than 300,000 Yazidis were still living in IDP camps without basic services and for most of them without access to the job market. She also mentioned that the Yazidis could currently not return to Sinjar because of the lack of security and the lack of basic services.

She concluded that all these factors led automatically to social exclusion and submitted a list of recommendations to the UN Special Rapporteur on trafficking in persons.


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