Why we need an independent Yazidi media

As the media and communication sector becomes ever more diverse and dynamic, degrees in the field of media and communication studies are also growing in popularity. At the moment Media and communication is one the fastest voices to be heard in the world, Yazidi community has been somehow banned from making an independent media to send its voice to the entire world through history. Sometimes lack of education, distrust or perhaps financials shortage is some of the main reasons to make an independent and modern media for the Yazidis. It’s why Yazidi voice was not heard to outer correctly in this respect.

Almost four years and half after the genocide which took place in Sinjar on a third of August 2014, Yazidi activists and academics had endlessly worked to recognize the Yazidi genocide internationally door to door, parliament to parliament; so many steps have been done while the way to achieve justice may need more efforts. This cannot be done by the activists only; we also need media to be the real voice of the Yazidis and other persecuted minorities in Iraq, who are still suffering as result of extremism ideology and sometimes sectarian wars in the area. Media can be the major chapter for transferring suffers to the people around the world.
Ezidi24 media foundation has short age of establishing but it has done a lot for the Yazidi community in a very short time, not only for the Yazidi community but also for other minorities in Iraq, so Yazidi community can support this foundation in this respect. Each person has their own set of moral and material principles and values to support someone or somebody, I think sometimes, we (Yazidi) can support some foundations or people at least morally if they can’t do it materially. Ezidi24 needs be supported by its community, let’s stop spontaneous disrespect on Ezidi24. There are so many academic ways to criticize; it is the process of offering valid and well-reasoned opinions about the work of others, usually involving both positive and negative comments, in a friendly manner rather than an oppositional one. Let’s develop our community through Constructive criticism not useless words through social media.

There are so many young motivated Yazidi media-workers working in this foundation, we may have different political backgrounds or views but we all belong to same faith. We all share the same basic values of understanding how Yazidi community passes through history as well as at the moment. Young people today are the future leaders of the world tomorrow, it is therefore timely and important that young people continue to develop an understanding of the consequences of these young powerful generations and develop a moral compass. One way this can be done is by supporting these young people.

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