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Al-Halboosi: We will seek to pass the Yazidi Survivors Act to reduce the negative effects of abduction


The Parliament Speaker Mohammed al-Halboosi received, on Thursday, the MP of the Yazidi component Hussein Narmo with the Yezidi woman survivor Nazdar Khedr.

At the beginning of the meeting, the Speaker listened to a detailed explanation of the Yazidi woman survivor of the circumstances of the kidnapping by the terrorist ISIS gangs, and the crimes of genocide and abuse of Yazidi women.

H.E. affirmed the necessity of bringing justice to the Yazidi component and ending their suffering, stressing that the Parliament is seeking to approve the Yazidi Women Survivors Act to ensure that they are safe from the negative effects resulting from the abduction conditions and to ensure their recovery from physical and psychological injuries and end their suffering.

The Parliament Speaker called on the government to ensure the areas of Yazidi component and rehabilitate them for the return of the displaced and achieve stability, as well as the involvement of minorities in state institutions including the security institution and benefit from their expertise and competence.

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