Turkmen’s Women In Captive; The file that no one speaks about. Facts and details reveals for the first time

Ezidi24 _Dheyab Ghanim
Translated by_ Sagvan Jirdo

The Shiite Turkmen did not survive from extermination of Daesh invasion against minorities on Nineveh city, ISIS group was disbelieved and enslaved their women after they invaded Shiite Turkmen areas.
The latest attack on the area was the most prominent that has destroyed its infrastructure and the social coexistence. The ISIS terrorist has made this happen by committing genocide against Yazidis, Christians, Shiites Turkmen and Shabak Turkmen.

The Turkmen population has been subjected to murders and kidnappings of women. The issue of Shiite Turkmen women has not been particularly addressed in the media, both internationally and locally. The Ezidi24 Foundation opens the file of Shiite Turkmen captives women in details and extensively.

Turkmen is the third largest ethnic population group in Iraq, according to the latest statistic; Turkmen is preceded by Arabs and Kurds in terms of Population (Number). Turkmens are mostly living in northern and central of Iraq, particularly in Kirkuk province, Tuzkhormatu, Amirly, Kifry, Tal-Afar, Mosul, Erbil, Tal AL Kubry, Chalawla, Saadia, Mandali and Baghdad.
In accordance with the fall of Iraqi regime in 2003, al-Qaeda sleep cells and other Islamic state groups launched a series of bloody attacks targeted Turkmen populated areas in particular, where thousands of victims from Turkmen component were dead and wounded.

The extremist groups used suicide bombers, cars and heavy trucks loaded with explosives in the cities of Amirly, Tuzkhormatu, Qazel Al-arbat, Tal-Afar and Kirkuk. Tuzkhormatu district witnessed the most violent attacks almost daily attacks.

The continuous targeting of Shiite Turkmen leaders, officials and doctors in the cities of Kirkuk, Mosul and Tuzkhormatu was held by terrorists, as well as kidnapping of persons from Turkmen component to take ransom from the families. Sometimes detainees were killed; their bodies were left on the side of the roads. Iraqi authorities couldn’t identify and stop the killer. Saad Saloum an expert on minority affairs and war conflicts said “the length of ethnic fault lines between the Kurds, Turkmens and Arabs, as well as a sectarian division within the Turkmen themselves between Sunni and Shiite Turkmen, that drew lines in Tal Afar, which was divided geographically according to Saad Saloum, as well as according to these division lines between these two sects “.

The latest growths in 2014 resulted or were outcome from attacks that brought abduction of women, girls and killing of many Turkmen people in addition to that children’s kidnapping.

Hayman Ramzi, is an activist and a specialist in the affairs of Shiite Turkmen women kidnapped, clarified to the Ezidi 24 Foundation the process of targeting the Turkmen according to her, “The Targeting was based on identity as targeting Christians and Yazidis, but the Turkmen Shiites were targeted by the terrorist groups because they are rejectors of faith from their point of view, ISIS considered Turkmen women as slaves, their treatment towards Turkmen women is no less than what happened to the Yazidi women because they were raped and burned by ISIS terrorists Including the forced treatment. On the other hand, Turkmen women who were forcibly married after murdering of their husbands collectively by ISIS, according to the testimony of Yazidi survivors who were oppressed by ISIS terrorists” said Hayman Ramzi

“ISIS (Daesh) kidnapped 600 women and 700 men from Turkmen, according to the recorded cases, 42 Turkmen women were liberated after the attack launched by the Iraqi army on the areas that were under the control of the ISIS terrorist group. These women were found accidently, without pre-planning, but indicating and dealing with this issue has not been done systematically or by official attentions. There is no psychological rehabilitation; remedial needs and economic conditions of these women have not been carried out by human rights organizations or the government itself yet”

Ramzi revealed that the Turkmen survivors are now living in Tal Afar with their relatives after their parents were killed by ISIS terrorist and facing very tough situations. The fate of the rest women is unknown at the moment, it is not known whether they are still alive or were disposed of by the extremist groups.

“We are in constant work in order to find them” said Ramzi. A senior official in the Council of Ministers also has revealed a plan to go to Al-howl camp in Syria to search after the captives, but it would take time and serious work and quick movements from the authorities. “We had meetings in the office of the Yazidi abductees in Dohuk, the office expressed their willingness to work through their sources to free the Turkmen abductees, but it requires help contribution financially to liberate them, there must be a side to adopt this matter”.

“Anyone who has had a hand in these crimes which escalate to the crimes of genocide should be prosecuted, I personally asked international bodies to act so that these genocide acts will not be repeated again, especially since Iraq has not signed the international conventions on the protection of minorities” said Ramzi

Saad Saloum supports Ramzi’s demands in this context, pointing out the importance of the case (the Turkmen abductees) in a comparative context with the Yazidi case. “The case of Turkmen enslaves has not reached its immensity in the local and international media, this due to complex reason which includes the number of the abductees were less, the international has strongly focus on the issue of the abducted in accordance with videos showed by ISIS terrorists and revealing the structure of slavery and infrastructure created by the areas of ISIS influences. Most importantly, there is a clear religious reference to the Yazidi minority that has taken a radical reformist decision to receive Yazidi survivors. While the Turkmen, lack of reference by the Turkmen, Turkmen preferred social restraint to conceal the case.

“However, the Yazidi Survivors Act provides the compensation for Turkmen survivors too; the Turkmen elites must pay greater attention to the issue” Saad Saloum concluded.

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