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New Yazidi mass grave found in the Sinjar district

Ezidi 24

New mass grave found by residents of Sinjar containing the remains of Yazidi victims of ISIS terrorists in Sinjar

In an exclusive interview with “Ezidi 24,” the Mayor of Sinjar district, Mr. Fahad Hamed, confirmed that the mass grave included the remains of two or more of the Yazidi victims who were killed by ISIS terrorists.

The mass grave locates in the city center of the distric, specifically in a piece of land planted with trees.
The mass grave found by local residents

It is noteworthy to mention that the number of mass graves discovered so far in Sinjar almost over 80 mass graves including individual mass graves.

Worthwhile, the international documentation teams started to exhumation the Yezidi mass graves in mid-March last year,more than 137 remains exhumed.

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