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Emanuel Macron: “Nadia Murad” is an embodiment of reality of ‘the fight is not over yet’ and France will support her

Ezidi 24 – Paris
Translated by: Khalid Qasim

French President Emmanuel Macron on Friday, May 10, 2019, commemorated the National Day of Abolition of Slavery at a ceremony held in the French capital of Paris and attended by dozens of international figures including the Yazidi “Nadia Murad” at the invitation of the French President, where Macron tributes those who fought against the sex slavery and slavery in the world.

During the speech by the French president to the audience and the media, he focused on the role of human rights defenders around the world and spoke extensively about the work of the Yezidi activist Nadia Murad and praised her active role in defending victims of sexual violence. Macron assured France’s support for Nadia’s Initiative and the establishment of a fund to help women victims in conflicts.

“Thank you for your presence here today. You are an embodiment of reality that the fight is not over yet” Macron said.
“Thank you for your courage, where you were able to resist ISIS (Daesh) who wanted to kill you. You were able to fight against the crimes, rape, emigration and servitude. You have fought with courage and are still fighting so that the rest of the region can live in peace”.

“All the remaining forms of slavery should end and be removed, because they are a violation of dignity for all of us. Your fight, Nadia, is our fight too” Macron added.

France was one of the first European countries to stop slavery and sex slavery in 1794. France decided to dedicate May 10 of every year to commemorate the abolition of slavery and slavery trade in France.

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