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Yazidi Interpreter Risked his Life to Rescue the Little Sunni Muslim Child during Mosul battle.


Shaheen khalaf worked as an interpreter with US forces in Iraq, then later he worked with aid organizations, joined Security forces, he provided assistance to displaced families among operation, especially to those people fled during the battle for Mosul liberation.The operation was launched on 17 October 2016 with the aim of retaking Mosul and the swathe of territory in northern Iraq captured by IS militants in 2014.

Military campaign launched by the Iraqi Government forces with allied international forces to retake the city of Mosul from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant(ISIL),which had seized the city in June 2014.

On 3rd of May 2017, Shaheen was a member of Free Burma Rangers team working in the city of Mosul among Mosul operation, he found an Arabic Muslim “Sunni” girl among destroyed rubbles needing help. The girl was asking for support, Shaheen with his big heart tried to rescue her.

Shaheen didn’t want to be as silent actor looking this little Muslim girl but he risked his life to rescue the little girl. While rescuing her, he was shot by an ISIS sniper in Mosul. Again Shaheen did not leave the little girl behind alone, but continued walking until he brought the girl to safe area.

Shaheen Khalaf Shahin, a 28 years old Yazidi youn man, lived in a village called Tel-Banat in Sinjar district before the attack on Yazidis in 2014 by IS terrorist and Arab neighborhood.

Shaheen was one of the Yazidi motivated Humanitarian Aid workers, he specified most of his private time supporting people in the camps and providing assistance to Yazidi orphans. He was a true hero and unforgettable figure in Yazidi community, he will be remember all times.

Shaheen was sent to the medical center in Baghdad for medication because he was found to be in serious danger and after he was given first aid, where he died later on 14th of May 2017.

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