USAID Strongly Reaffirms America’s Commitment to Working with all Religious Minority Groups in Iraq

By Ezidi24

Joint statement by Consul General Steve Fagin and Special Representative for Minority Assistance Programs Max Primorae, USAID – US Agency for International Development Special Representative for Minority Assistance Programs, strongly reaffirms America’s commitment to working with all religious minority groups in Iraq.
The United States remains firmly commitment to working with all religious minority groups in Iraq, including Kurdistan Region, United Sated will continue to coordinate and work closely with their local partners and community leaders to implement and monitor current and new U.S -funded programs throughout the country regardless of any changes in United Stated operating status. Protecting the rights of all religious minorities is a priority of the president, Vice President, Secretary of State of United Sates and USAID Administrator.

The joint statement also mentioned that, they have had opportunities to meet their local partners and fund important projects in Qaraqosh, Karmles, Bashika, Sheikhan Telskuf, Lalish Temple and Alqosh, Sinjar, Mosul and other locations. USAID try forward to expanding and deepening its partnership.

At the end of the statement, U.S and USAID are reconfirming their working with all Iraqi religious minority groups to continue its work to achieve their common goals to allow Iraqis of all denominations to return home safely and dignity.

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