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Memorial Monument of Yazidi Genocide in Paris, France

By Ezidi24

Yazidi community in Paris requested permission to erect a memorial monument in honor of the victims of the Yazidi Genocides. Yazidi community has greatly worked with French government to erect Yazidi memorial,it is also known that Armenian and Holocaust Memorials are located in the same city. The Yazidi monument is situated in Paris, France.

This is historic event for the Yazidis around the world. This monument represents the latest Yazidi genocide on August 3, 2014 in Sinjar/Shingal and the preceded genocides in 1826, 1864 and 1915 which systematically arranged by Ottoman Empire that killed thousands Yazidis and Armenian and displaced thousands Yazidis and Armenian.

The monument is officially opened in Paris on May 22, 2019. The curtain is lowered in the presence of the Yazidi representatives, Yazidi religious persons and Yazidi community in France. France is the first country supporting Yazidis to make this historical event happen in the world.

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