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Refugee Yazidi families returned back to their area of origin ‘Sinjar’

By Ezidi24

Yazidi families from the district of Sinjar, northern Iraq, have returned home after four years of displacement, said the Iraqi Security’s Media department this Tuesday.

A statement by the Department revealed that 13 Yazidi families, consisting of 70 individuals, have returned to Sinjar after fleeing from the so-called Islamic State (IS) in 2014.The families were said to have been living in Nawroz refugee camp in Syria.
IS drove thousands of Yazidis from Sinjar with many of them fleeing to different cities in Iraq’s Kurdistan region, as well as Syrian cities.

According to the latest statistics from the Kurdish government, recognized by the UN, there were around 550,000 Yazidis in Iraq -360,000 of whom fled from ISIS and live in displacement -and around 1,293 people who were killed in the initial attacks carried out by IS.

The statistics revealed around 80 mass graves were discovered in Sinjar, while IS managed to destroy 68 shrines and temples belonging to the Yazidis. Around 100,000 Yazidis have immigrated, indicated the Kurdistan government, while 6,417 people were abducted by IS. 2,941 individuals are still missing or in captivity. Despite the IS defeat, millions of Iraqis are still displaced.
The Iraqi government is trying its best to allow IDPs to return to their homes.

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