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Yazidi worker was killed in Baghdad and his son was injured

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Yazidi worker was killed by unknown assailants in Baghdad city capital of Iraq and his son was injured on Thursday June 13, 2019. The Yazidi man and his 14 years old boy went to Baghdad to work to support family, the man was killed and his son was injured by unknown people.

In this respect Marwan Sabri told Ezidi24 : Ziyad Sheikh Siso is killed on Tuesday morning, he is from khatara village, beside that his son Zaky Ziyad Siso 14 years old is injured, he’s currently taking medical services in Baghdad emergency hospital.

Baghdad has seen similar assaults against members of religious minorities, including Yazidis, Christians and Sabean Mandeans, but security authorities often declare such kind of acts to be criminal in nature and not motivated by sectarianism which more commonly ongoing in Iraq.
Yazidi community in Iraq has been subjected to widespread violence since 2014 and even before widespread violence of Yazidis have been started since 2003, many of them flee to outside of Iraq, with many resettling to Europe, Australia, Canada and the United States, because Iraq becomes a nightmare for minorities in terms of security.

Last week, Yazidi businessman was killed in Iraqi capital Baghdad. He was also shot by unknown persons. Yet, nobody knows what the reason behind his killing was but a source said the attackers stole money and a valuable after the victim was killed.

“We need Iraqi government take an active role to bring the criminals to the court, Iraqi government is responsible for protecting lives of Yazidi workers in Baghdad, its government’s duty to protect Yazidis” Said Marwan Sabri
Yazidis have faced various forms of persecution and discrimination in Iraq from a wide variety of perpetrators since 2003 while the biggest inhuman act was in 2014 by Islamic State in Iraq and Syria “Daesh” which killed thousands of Yazidis and enslaved thousands of Yazidi women, girls and children, women and girls were sold in open markets as spoil of war and captives “Sabia”. There are still thousands of Yazidi people are captured by ISIS and its sleep cells in Iraq and Syria.

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