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Is it true that Yazidis worship devil? This has been circulated about them for centuries.
Why we do not know much about Yazidis peoples? Even though they are a religion.

In this video you will know the answers

“Yazidis lived for centuries in peaceful, simple, and friendly with all other religious peoples. They wish the peace and goodness for everyone” Says the Yazid religious man from Bashiqa, Shaker Haider Hassan.


Yazidis were not known before the genocide committed against them by ISIS.

“There was no Yazidi Media. Yazidis were not know before the genocide” says Nazik Shamdeen, a Yazidi activist woman

Across their history, Yazidis are subjected to 73 genocide campaign. The last of which was on August 3rd, 2014 by ISIS. In this last genocide alone, around 6000 Yazidis were abducted or taken in hostage. 3000 of them were women and girls. Other 1300 were reported to be killed or died from hunger and thirst while they were trapped on mount Sinjar.
Every time Yazidis want to develop and grow up, there is a massacre or a genocide occur against them. You can’t imagine how difficult is it for Yazidis being passed 73 genocides.

Now if you want to know “why there is no much of information about Yazidis?” Its simply because of the continues massacres and genocides committed against them. They live in fear of being subjected to killing and abduction thus they live in isolation. They don’t want to be exposed and to be known. They are afraid that another genocide will occur everytime they get to be known and exposed to outside world.

To answer the question about “Who are Yazidis?”. Yazidis ( aka Ezidi in Kurdish/Kurmanji) is a Persian word that means “An angel” or “The God”. Yazidis names themselves as the God’s worshippers.

On existence of Yazidis, there are many different opinions and reports. Some says that they are a religion which is a mix of other different religions. Some others says that they are from the old ancient eastern civilizations that existed 3000 years B.C. Yazidis themselves see that they are the first ones who worshipped the God.
But, is this God the same as other people’s God?. As the non-Yazidis are not convinced that Yazidis God is the same God as theirs thus here where others calling Yazidis by “Devil’s worshippers”. This is wrongly spared out about Yazidis.

Yazidis have Melek Taus (Kurmanji: Tawûsê Melek) or also called as Azasael the angel.In Yazidi creation stories, God created the world and entrusted it to the care of seven Holy Beings, often known as Angels or heft sirr (‘the Seven Mysteries’), preeminent of which is Tawûsê Melek, the Peacock Angel.
When God created Adam he asked all the angels to worship Adam. Tawis Malak was the only one refused to worship Adam. When God asked Melek Taus why did not you obey and worship Adam? Then Azaseal (Melek Taus) replied that when you created us we only need to worship you, the God. Here God stressed to the Angel that he was testing them and Melek Taus passed the test. This believe and philosophy from Yazidi about their religion is then different from what other religions believe that is why other religions think of Yazidis as Devil worshipers.

Then, why these rumors of calling Yazidis as devil worshipers?

Like many aspects of the secretive Yazidi religion, Tawûsê Melek is subject to varied and ambiguous interpretations. This is because the story of Angel Melek Taus is very similar to what is in Islam religion that made them calling Yazidis as devil worshipers. For instance, in Islam religious beliefs, Azaseal (Melek Taus ) was banned and sent away by God because he didn’t follow the orders from God. This made many researchers and historians think wrongly about Yazidis believes.

Yazidis are living in Iraq and across countries but what make Iraq special for them because the most holy temple of Yazidis is located in Sheikhan, Iraq. The most holy temple of Yazidis is called Lalish. Yazidis annually visiting this site of holy temples for faith and worship

ping. Every Yazidi should visit Lalish at least once in their life.
The most populated region with Yazidis is Sinjar, then they are also living in Ninewa plains and in Duhok governorate. The entire Yazidi community from Sinjar displaced due to the conflict and ISIS attacks in 2014. Most of the Sinjar population is still living in tented camps or migrated towards other countries. Almost each family has at least one member who migrated and this shattered the Yazidi community and the families.

Hassan in his last speech expressing that, Iraq is beautiful by its religious components and the brotherhood they lived together. Each one is complementary to the other. ISIS was not from Iraq but it was an external extermination group came and destroyed the coexistence and brotherhood among different Iraq religions.

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