Iraqi Colonel has sympathy with ISIS and described Yazidis as Devil worshippers


Sagvan Shivan

When the largest Iraqi institution advocates ISIS ideas, how Iraqi government can rebuild its society!!!. A person called Saleh M Al Louhabi is a colonel in Nineveh province police has sympathy with ISIS publically and considering Yazidis as Devil worshippers; he is serving Iraqi largest institution and advocating anti-Yazidis through social media.

Distribute your charitable on the spirit of your mother and your father, it is much better for you to distribute to the lives of atheists don’t recognize the existence of God “Devil worshippers”, you can ask the Muslim clerics”. Comment of Iraqi Colonel

Since the beginning of 2014, the extreme jihadist group ISIS, who were active in Iraq and Syria, has gained control of territory in the mainly Sunni and contested areas of Iraq.

The conflict has taken on an increasingly sectarian nature and minorities have been disproportionally affected. The ISIS insurgency is very brutal, with populations, especially minority groups, subjected to mass executions, systematic rape and extreme violence, most of the people joined and supported the ISIS ideology publically and some of them are still invisibly supporting them in Mosul, Tel Alfer, Ba’aj and some other areas of Mosul province, this colonel is one of them.

His comment is a clear incitement to kill Yazidis and is consistent with the ideology of the Islamic State, it is also a direct threat to the lives of hundreds of Yazidi students, workers, and employees in the province. It is duty of Iraqi government to take necessary actions toward this colonel. The comment is an obvious promoting of discrimination and racism. His words are hatred towards the entire religion, which is the Yazidi religion.

Most of the Iraqi minority groups are thinking the second phase of post ISIS will be developing the ability of civil society activists to be agents of peace and to solve conflicts in their cities. This phase will include several activities, events, campaigns and peace programs on the ground. There were/are so many projects to build the Mosul socially and most of the projects funded by international NGOs while this kind of speech from a high official in the government will break hope of thousands of people. Within exist of this kind of ideology, the coming phase will be too hard for peacebuilding.

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