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Representing the Iraqi cinema at International Film Festival of Meknes,

Toren Wins Grand Prize (Golden Zaytuna Award)

By Ezidi 24

Toren wins Grand Prize (Golden Zaytuna Award), “Toren” is directed and produced by Iraqi director Nawzad Shekhany. Toren is grand prize winner at the Award Ceremony of Arab International Film Festival of Meknes, the capital of the Arab cinema.

The director and producer “Nawzad Shekhany ” expressed his great pleasure in this coronation and talked to Ezidi24 “This award is given to all Iraqis, especially Yazidis, because they are the owners of the film and it deals with their cause and suffering.”

Adding that “the film participated in several festivals as a representative of Iraqi cinema at Arab International Film Festival of Meknes in Morocco and this award is for all Iraqi cinema, it’s great pleasure to be represented as the best presenter with attendance proof.”

“It is a great honor for me to transfer the suffering of the Yazidi people to the entire world through this film, transferring Yazidi pain, lost of hopes, and the definition of other peoples, so happy with the message I have carried on” Shekhany Said

It’s worth mentioning that Toren has won many awards from international film festivals such as; winning the Jean Luc Godard Award at the Critics Film Festival, the official member of the Lincoln Film Society, New York. The film also Award of Merit at Independent Film Awards in San Diego, it also awardes at the Canada Film Festival; it is selected as Best Foreign Feature at Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival HIMPFF as Award Winner, it is also awarded as Best Director and Best Montage Award at the European Film Awards,Global Music Awards (GMA) as Bronze Medal Winner and the Best Movie Soundtrack. Toren is awarded as Best Film Feature and Best Director at Cult Critic Movie Awards, and also Best Film on Religion at Calcutta International Cult Film Festival, Golden Fox Award Winner in 2019 and many other awards.

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