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A Scots sniper who fought Islamic State rescued Yazidi kidnapped sex slave from Al Howl refugee camp

By Ezidi 24

Alan is a Scot sniper who fought Islamic State has told The Scottish Sun News how he rescued a kidnapped sex slave from a refugee camp packed with thousands of terrorists. Alan has fought IS and he despises these people. Alan has lost friends to them, but now the camera has become his weapon.

“Naveen had been through a horrific ordeal by the time, rescuing Naveen left him in tears” Alan said

Former squaddie Alan Duncan, 52, freed Naveen Rasho, 24, from the notorious Al-Hawl compound in north-east Syria where murderous IS thugs and their families are held. Former radio reporter Naveen was abducted with her mum and sister when IS seized vast swathes of northern Iraq, including the Yazidi heartland of Shingal.

As the terrified ex-journalist languished for months in the camp, she heard Alan was there interviewing people for a documentary and summoned up the courage to talk to him about her ordeal. After hearing of her plight Alan spoked to Yazidi leaders and helped her escape to be with her family again.

Alan speaks to the Scottish sun news “I’ve been interviewing a lot of the commanders who fought against IS, Yazidi victims and IS themselves — especially the western women and kids. “Naveen heard I was walking about and speaking to people. She gained enough trust to speak to us.

“The things she has been through are just horrific and difficult to put into words. She was sold four times and used as a sex slave. In the eyes of them she was nothing. She was scared in the camp and surrounded by 6,000 IS prisoners.” Alan told the Scottish sun News
Alan managed to get her out. He said, “It was a very personal moment and I can’t really put it into words, but it was worth more than anything. We were all in tears.”

Speaking exclusively to The Scottish Sun News on Sunday, Naveen recalled her grim ordeal after she was kidnapped by the terrorists.
“When they took us, we didn’t know where we were going. We were prisoners. After two months they sold me on. I had no choice and had to do what they wanted. They treated us like slaves; we had to work and work. Whenever they wanted, they also came to rape us.” Naveen said
Naveen also added “We had to be obedient. It was very hard for me. I was dying more than ten times each day, but I had hope that one day I would come back to my family and rebuild my life.”

Naveen recalled: “I heard a Scottish man and his fixer were in the camp. I brought up the courage and asked about them. I decided to come and told them about my story. I told them I’m afraid and scared. Alan managed to speak to Yazidi leaders. He and his fixer Barzan then helped me escape. After these five years of nightmare, I finally have my freedom back.”

Following her release, Alan joined Naveen and her loved ones on a pilgrimage to the mountain village of Lalish in Northern Iraq, where they spent time together at the holiest temple in the Yazidi faith.

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