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Exclusive: ICMP Clarification on Sinjar’s wildfire and its impact on mass graves

By Ezidi 24

“Mass graves and remains of victims are likely to be damaged only after prolonged exposure due to very high temperatures, where it takes extreme conditions to be damaged. For example, the DNA that would be used for identification, even bones exposed directly due to fire for a short period of time can often be successfully tested with DNA.

The recent wildfires in the Sinjar area have been fast moving and are therefore unlikely to represent a largescale threat in terms of exhumation and identification.”

“This does not diminish the need to ensure the security of the site of mass graves where remains of victims are on the surface. ICMP and others are assisting the authorities in the exhumation of mass graves in Sinjar. ICMP believes the recovery of surface remains at vulnerable sites should be ICMP priority.”

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