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Nadia Murad met with Trump in the Oval Office on Monday following a conference on religious freedom

By Ezidi 24

The UN Goodwill Ambassador and Nobel Peace Prize recipient recounted the murder of her mother and six brothers to the US President, adding that her community cannot return home due to land disputes between the Iraqi and Kurdish governments. Key issues affecting the safe return of Yazidis were highlighted among calls to restore the dignity and safety of survivors.

Surrounded by religious leaders and other survivors of conflict, including the Rohingya genocide, Ms Murad called on the United States to take action, telling Trump ‘you can solve our problem’. She also noted the aid given by the French government, who she said put significant pressure on the Iraqi and Kurdish governments to help the Yazidi people.

Nadia noted the historic persecution of the Yazidis, telling the President ‘since 2003, we started to disappear from our homeland’, and questioned the victory over ISIS when over 3,000 Yazidi women and children still remain missing. At less than a million worldwide, the Yazidi presence in Iraq continues to decrease, as highlighted by Murad in her please to Trump “It is not about ISIS anymore. It’s about my people in danger”.

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