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New Statistics About The Yazidi Genocide In Iraq



Ezidi 24 – Baghdad

The Supreme Judicial Council in Iraq announced on Saturday, 20th July 2019, a new statistic on the number of victims of the genocide against the Yazidis, indicating that this statistic since the 3rd of August 2014.

Ezidi 24 received a copy of the report that was released by Media department of the Council. The report states that according to the statistics of the Office of the rescue of the kidnapped Yazidis, as a result of the crimes committed by ISIS (ISIL) against the Yazidis, since 3rd August 2014, there are below numbers

These statistics are approved by the United Nations:
– The number of Yazidis in Iraq about 550,000 people.
– The number of people displaced due to the ISIS attack around 360,000 IDP.
– The number of martyrs in the first days of the invasion 1,293 martyrs.
– The number of orphans resulted by the invasion is 2,745 orphans
– The number of mass graves discovered in Sinjar till today is 80 mass graves, in addition to tens of other individual gravesites.
– The number of religious shrines and holy temples that have been destroyed by ISIS is 68 shrines (temples)
– The number of those who emigrated outside the country is estimated at more than 100,000 immigrants.
The number of Yazidi abductees is 6,417 including:
– Females: 3,548
– Males: 2,869

The numbers of Yazidi survivors from ISIS captivity is 3,487 including:
Women: 1,186
Men: 337
Female children: 1,024
Male children: 940
Number of remainees in captivity or missing is 2,930 (Female: 1338, Males: 1592)
According to the statistics of the Office of the rescue of the kidnapped Yazidis, and their reliable sources on 20th July 2019

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