The third phase of opening Yazidis’ mass graves in Sinjar has been completed and 94 bodies were discovered

Ezidi 24 – Kocho

The national team of the mass graves in the Martyrs’ Foundation and the Department of Forensic Medicine in the Ministry of Health, the cadres of the Ministry of Martyrs and Anfal Affairs in the Kurdistan Region and under the supervision of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers completed the third phase of the mass graves opening operations resulted discovering of 94 bodies from Kocho.
The team started to open another mass grave outside of Kocho village, specifically in the AlSabahiya location, in the district of Sinjar. These mass graves contains bodies of those who were killed by ISIS when they attacked Sinjar in 2014.

Ezidi24 received a copy of the report that the Director of the Department of Mass Graves in the Martyrs Foundation, Mr. Thiya’a Kareem in a press release stated. In this press release he stated that his team completed the third phase, which lasted 21 days in the district of Sinjar. He confirmed the continues support of ICMP and the efforts of the national team during the the three phases of opening the mass graves.

The Director General of the Department of Forensic Medicine, Dr. Zaid Ali from his side, said that the efforts are still ongoing in the laboratories of forensic medicine to identify the identity of the remains and bones discovered so far. Despite the challenges that are facing the team and the lack of international support the teams are continuing the identifications.

The Director General of the NGO Department in the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, Mr. Mohammad Taher Al-Tamimi, expressed the importance of supporting the national team of mass graves by international organizations as part of the commitment of the international community to heal the wounds of Iraq to help Iraqi people to face the heinous crimes committed by ISIS. He also ensured the importance of the commitment of all parties toward the implementation of the articles of the UN Security Council resolution on the investigation of crimes, No. 2379 regarding the capacity building of Iraqi national institutions working in the file of the mass graves. Calling upon the international community to focus more on the mass graves file in Sinjar, Badush, and Alkhifsah locations urgently.

It is worth mentioning that the opening of the mass graves was launched on 15th March 2019, aims to open 73 mass graves discovered in Sinjar district. The three phases resulted in the opening of 17 mass graves so far, in which 235 Yazidi Martyrs and other 111 parts of the bodies were found. All the evidence was documented and recorded according to the law.

The national team has drawn up an integrated plan to deal with the file of mass graves in all liberated areas in general and the graves of Sinjar in particular. The teams are proceeding as planned and planning to hold a special conference about the file of mass graves. This conference will be announced later.

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