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Political conflicts between Erbil and Baghdad prevent thousands of Yazidis from returning to home

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Yazidi human rights activist and survivor from Islamic State captivity Salwa Khalaf posted on her social media account “Facebook”, for five years, Iraqi and Kurdish governments have failed to help my people.

Salwa addressed that the political conflicts between Erbil and Baghdad, thousands of Yazidis are still living in tents since 2014, and are unable to return home to Sinjar. These Political issues  prevent my people from returning to home.

“I am a Yazidi survivor; I want to go home, but there is no home to go to!

What can I do without a home, without justice, and without a future?” Said Salwa

Yazidi activist urges the Iraqi and Kurdish government, as well as the international community, to bring about real change for survivors of the genocide, and support Yazidi people to go back to their homes.

Recently, Noble Peace Prize Nadia Murad met U.S president Donald Trump and addressed to him that, “there is no ISIS but we cannot go back because Kurdish government and the Iraqi government, they are fighting each other (over) who will control my area, and we cannot go back if we cannot protect our dignity, our families.”

The Islamic State (ISIS) took control of Shingal in August 2014, killing and enslaving thousands of Yazidis in the process. The city was liberated in 2015, but political conflicts between both governments, poor living conditions and security concerns have prevented many Yazidis from returning, though some have since gone back.

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