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Baroness Nicholson visits Khank Camp and meets a number of Yazidi IDPs.

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Member of Parliament of the United Kingdom Emma Harriet Nicholson visits Khank Camp and thanks volunteers, she also meets a number of Yazidi displaced people in the camp.

“Khanke camp is a home of 50 to 60 thousands of Yazidi displaced people, all of these people have been attacked and assaulted by devil of ISIS, I think Daesh they’re called”. Said Baroness Nicholson

She addressed that “It’s up to us who have not been harmed anywhere, helping anyway we can follow human beings, I think health is the most important thing when we’re in a real trouble”

“Then we came here with the Dohuk Directorate of health department.we don’t these things independently, they must be fit into the system, they must be world health organization standards. We were very closely working with Dohuk health Directorate to support IDPs in the camps, I would like to say this health center is perfect and doing their job”

Baroness said “Of course this is more than we can do, I am told what we need a delivery unit here to help mothers get birth, we are going back to find funding to get delivery unit, people are in different stages of recovery here and here children need extra health, each and every individual and every patient matters, every patient needs exact care and they need to get better that’s the purpose of health center.

Emma Harriet Nicholson, Baroness Nicholson of Winterbourne (born 16 October 1941) is a British politician, who has been a life peer since 1997. She was elected as the Conservative Member of Parliament for Torridge and West Devon in 1987, before switching to the Liberal Democrats in 1995.

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