The head of the Yazidi survivor’s program in Germany, we will try to bring the families of survivors


Ezidi 24 _ Stuttgart

Michelle Pluma, the head of the Yazidi(Ezidi) survivor’s program in Germany, said they will try to bring families of Yazidi(Ezidi)survivors to Germany very soon.

In an exclusive interview with Ezidi 24, Pluma expressed his happiness for Yazidi(Ezidi) women and children to live in Germany and their reintegration into German society, calling them powerful women. These women want to build a future for themselves in Baden-W├╝rttemberg region.

“Unfortunately, there are a few women whose men are still alive, we will look at the possibilities of bringing their families to Germany. This is difficult to be done because there are several obstacles and restrictions that can be solved in the future,” He said.

He also addressed that “We want to bring more Yazidi(Ezidi) survivors and children to German, we will also try to bring their families with them. This is important step, I hope there will be special care and treatment in the Yazidi community for these women who have lost their husbands.”

The head of the program also noted that the state of Baden-W├╝rttemberg has been able to demonstrate to the rest of the German regions(states) and the world that any state can carry out this kind of program successfully. There are countries that have adopted the same program such as Canada and France.

He also said that there is negotiation about a similar program that covers all parts of Germany. She stressed that there is possibility, Germany to receive 300 to 600 other people. We hope German government accepts these people, because survivor’s situation both females and males are very bad particularly children, it is possible for German government to support them it doesn’t cost too much for the government to adopt the program.

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