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Yazidi activist and Islamic State survivor to the United Nations ” Iraqi’s minorities need international protection to return back to homes”


By Ezidi24

Dalal Khairo is a Yazidi genocide survivor of ISIS and human rights advocate shared her story at the UN, she talked about the persecution faced by her, her family and people.

Dalal addressed that thousands of loved ones are still remain missing. Lack of security preventing most of the people to returns back to Sinjar city, and political issues are the main reasons prevent minority groups to go back to their homes.

The Yazidi people are still awaiting justice to be achieved, she called for international tribunal and protection of Yazidi community in Iraq and Syria.

Dalal told the audience that the presence of an international investigation team is not enough to bring justice to the victims of our society. Our people are still waiting for justice in public courts.

“Achieving our demands, which we have been working on for five years and a lot of sympathy on the ground by local and international actors is not accomplished yet, while our regions have become a battleground for political conflicts with the presence of armed militias that impede the return of people and normal life to our areas” said Khairo

In August 2014, Islamic State militants invaded the Yazidi areas; ISIS launched an assault on the Yazidi religious community’s heartland in Sinjar, northern Iraq.

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