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Another Yazidi mass grave found in Sinjar city.


By Ezidi24

Ezidi24 reporter in Shingal district said that the Yazidi Organization for Documentation, in cooperation with the Shingal Police Directorate, found a new mass grave belonging to the Yazidis in the central district west of Nineveh province in northern Iraq.

The E.O.D confirmed that, in close cooperation with Police department of Shangal, the E.O.D discovered a new mass grave near the building of police directorate.

The mass grave contains the bodies between six to 10 Yazidi victims of Yazidis that were executed by the Islamic State group when ISIS controlled the region. The victims were shot to death from the heads.

The E.O.D addressed that the statements and information were immediately recorded by the team. The mass graves department in Baghdad was notified about the new mass grave, the site was surrounded by the red tape.

It is worth mentioning that according to statistics of the Directorate General of Yazidi Affairs in the Ministry of Endowment and Religious Affairs in the Kurdistan Regional Government, the number of mass graves discovered in the district of Shingal is 80 mass graves belonging to the Yazidis and on the fifteenth of last March Iraq and international committees and documentation beginexhuming mass grave in Sinjar region.

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