The Norwegian Center for Holocaust & Minority Studies features an exhibition entitled “Yazidi: Encounters After Genocide”


The exhibition “Yazidi: Encounters After a Genocide” tells stories of Yazidis living in Norway as well as Iraq. The exhibition asks: What do survivors think about what happened, and about the future?

On 3 August 2014, desperate pleas for help sounded out from the Sinjar Mountains in Iraq, thousands of Yazidis people trapped in Sinjar Mountain. Thousands of Yazidis were massacred by the terror group known as the Islamic State (ISIS), around seven thousand women and girls captured by ISIS and used as spoil of war and sex slaves.

International intervention prevented even more widespread killings, and yet 80 mass graves have so far been discovered, in addition to tens of Individua grave sites. Women and children who survived were captured and held as sex slaves. Hundreds of thousands still live in refugee camps.

This exhibition also focuses on what is it like to be a Yazidi in Norway, and how they feel about their home country.

“Yazidi: Encounters After a Genocide” is based on research at the Holocaust Center and includes videos, VR tours, photography, and sculptures. Curators are Ingvill Thorson Plesner at the Norwegian Center for Holocaust and Minority Studies and Kari Gjetrang at Expology.

Base on the Norwegian center for Holocaust and minority studies, the exhibition is open between June 12 and September 30.

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