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A Yazidi activist reveals the identity of a leader responsible for the kidnapping of Yazidis in Afrin

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The Yazidi activist and survivor from ISIS captivity Ali Hussein Al-Khansouri revealed on his official Facebook page the identity of a leader in the Ahrar Al-Sharqiya unit named Abu Hatim Al-Shaqra, who is responsible for kidnapping and detaining Yezidi families in Afrin and Azaz areas of Aleppo province in Syria.

Al-Khansouri spoke to Ezidi 24 about the crimes of the terrorist Ahmed Ihsan Fayyad al-Hayes, nicknamed “Abu Hatim Al-Shaqra”. He said that the terrorist Abu Hatim committed inhumane crimes against the people of Afrin and Azaz of the Yazidi people. Abu Hatim worked in the trade of families and abductees and the detention and enslavement after the control of armed factions supported by the Turkish army in Deir Alzor in Syria.

Al-Khansouri pointed out that the terrorist Abu Hatim Al-Shaqra worked in the Ahrar Al-Sham Islamic Movement, then joined the Islamic State (IS) and joined the armed unit of the Syrian opposition. After the Turkish-backed factions took control of the Afrin and Azaz areas, Abu Hatim worked on evade ISIS members fled from different parts of Syria to Turkey via the Manbach (Manbaj) border region with Turkey.
AlKhanasori added that “The terrorist Abu Hatim until now hold Yazidi families, including a group of women and children from the Sinjar (Shingal) district who were abducted as a result of the invasion of ISIS in the summer of 2014 in Sinjar area”

And “according to the information obtained, the terrorist Abu Hatim Al-Shaqra took three Yazidi girls who were abducted by three Saudia Arabian nationalities’ ISIS fighters, after some dispute happened among them. Among this group of Yazidi girls there was (A. M. SH. H.) and five of her children from Al-Jazeera Township in Sinjar (Shingal) district who were kidnapped by terrorist Salman Al-Jazrawi.”

Al-Khansouri confirmed that “the terrorist Abu Hatim Al-Shaqra is known as a war trader and smuggled Yezidi children and women to Turkey in return for money. Abu Hatim also provided ISIS members with Syrian official documents and smuggled them to Turkey and other countries. The terrorist continues to live in the Afrin and Azaz areas of the Turkish-backed Euphrates Shield security forces”

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