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Dr. Denis Mukwege will start to support Ezidi women

By Ezidi24

Mukwege shared the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize with Nadia Murad, an Ezidi woman who was raped by Islamic State militants in Iraq and has become a global advocate for victims of sexual violence.

Dr. Denis Mukwege said in an interview Saturday September 21 that, “She and I are working together,” he said. “I was in Iraq to see exactly what was happening there and I hope that this year, I will start to support Ezidi women.”

The program will operate in different camps where the Ezidies are, not in the Sinjar region where Islamic State extremists stormed Ezidi communities in 2014, Mukwege said.

Having spent much of his life treating female victims of sexual violence, Mukwege said, “today my policy is to work more with men because I think that it is very important in talking about a positive masculinity.”

“We are really in a patriarchal system where men dominate everything and women are treated just as objects,” he said. “We need to change our way to treat women and see women in our society and…let young boys grow up to respect women and understand that women are equal to men — and this has to start very early.” associated Press

The Nobel Peace Prize-winning surgeon whose hospital in war-torn Congo has treated over 50,000 victims of sexual violence has launched a fund with the goal of providing reparations for survivors of conflicts around the world.

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