Germany opens Nadia Murad Center for Psychological Trauma Treatment

By Ezidi24

In the presence of the Minister of Social Affairs and Integration “Manfred Lucha ” of Baden-Württemberg, which is one of Germany’s 16 provinces in the south-west of the Federal Republic of Germany, opened Nadia Murad Center for psychological trauma treatment in honor of her prominent role in defending and combating human rights, Sexual violence and gender equality for years.

In the center refugee children, traumatized adolescents and their families are treated psychologically under the supervision of a skilled and expert psychologist accompanied by 60 trained trauma assistants and volunteers.

The Nadia’s center is located in the city of Lörrach, the center welcomes any refugee can seek help regardless of their legal status, nationality, political, ethnic, religious or other affiliation.

The center offers therapies for children from 4 to 12 years, children are treated psychologically once a week for ten weeks under the supervision of psychiatrists, it also offers for adults from 14-18, or 18-25 years once a week.

It should be noted that, Nadia Murad arrived in Germany with 1,100 women and children fleeing from the Islamic State ISIS it is also known as Daesh through a special program of its kind from the state government of Baden-Württemberg.

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