One of the leaders of the Turkish operations “spring of peace” is a human trafficker

By Ezidi24

Terrorists, defendants, and civilian women, men and children have been trapped in the human trafficking network led by Abu Ali Sajoo, known as a human trafficker. Abu Ali imprisoned and tortured the prisoners on his own ways and rules. Since the war began in Syria, Sajoo from the northern countryside of Aleppo has been known to smuggle people from and to Turkey and also the cultivation of drugs and trade.

The Ezidi activist and survivor from ISIS captivity, Ali Hussein al-Khansori, revealed on his Facebook page that Sajoo is one of the most important leaders of the Turkish operations “spring of peace”, which was launched last Saturday 10th October 2019

“Abu Ali Sajoo is the leader of armed gangs” Khansori told Ezidi 24, and continued “He was known to smuggle people to and from Turkey according to information published in Syria.”
And “Syrian local media talked about drug smuggling by Sajoo and cultivation in areas under his control. He also has strong affiliation with many mafia gangs in Turkey”

Khansouri added “Sajoo, also accused of having strong ties with many mafia gangs in Turkey. Sajoo is responsible for the largest prison, called the (Maasara Prison) aka (Abu Ghraib Prison), and a security branch in the north of Aleppo. Now Sajoo is leading the largest Syrian army, the so-called “Aljabhaa Alshamiya” side by side with the Ahrar Alsham who have joined the Turkish-led peace spring campaign.

Zakaria Eid, nicknamed Abu Ali Sajoo, a Syrian national, leads a large Syrian military part known as the Aljabhaa Alshamyia. Eid is a member of the “Spring of Peace” campaign, led by Turkey, which targets areas of the Syrian Kurds, including Manbij, Ras al-Ain and Tel Abyad, on the pretext of chasing the PKK.

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