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Ezidi24 Extends Condolences to the Family of Ezidi Community Leader Mirza Çolo


Ezidi24 Media Foundation sends condolences to the people of Ezidies and Ezidies around the world on the passing of the Ezidi community leader Mr.Mirza Çolo

Our deepest condolences to the family of Mr. Mirza çolo and the Ezidi community in Armenia in particular for the loss of the Ezidi philanthropist and community leader from Armenia.

Mr. Mirza Çolo was the one who worked hardly to build a bridge of peace and brotherhood with other communities in Armenia. His efforts for supporting Ezidies and building Ezidi Temples in Armenia will never be forgotten.

Again, we express our deepest sympathy and wish the family comfort and patience, his beloved friends and all Ezidies in Armenian and overall the world.

Ezidi24 Media Foundation

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