Turkish Warplanes Conduct Strikes on Ezidi Region in Northern Iraq

By Ezidi24

Turkish warplanes have conducted airstrikes in the Ezidi populated village Khanasor in north of “Snoni”, Shingal district West Nineveh northern
Iraq; leaving a number of wounded people.

The witness told Ezidi24, it was Turkish warplanes targeted the military base of the Shingal Resistance Units (YBS), specifically in the old Khan which is called “Sharkan quarter”, and some airstrikes to the west of Baraa village, located close to the border with Syria and Sinjar Mountain, the world’s largest city of Ezidi in Iraq and the world.

“The number of casualties is not yet known, but a number of wounded have been taken to Snoni General Hospital, the press and media have been prevented from covering the event” He added

This is not the first time that the territory of Shingal district, west of Nineveh on the Iraqi-Syrian border, has been bombed by Turkish intervention while Iraqi government remains silent.


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