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For the second day, Turkey is again bombing the Ezidi region in northern Iraq

Ezidi24_ Mount Sinjar

A security source said on Thursday 05.11.2019, the Turkish warplanes airstrike Mount Sinjar, for the second day in sequence, targeting a convoy of vehicles belonging to the Sinjar resistance units.

The source told “Ezidi24” anonymously that the Turkish warplanes resumed targeting the Sinjar resistance units in Bara area in Mount Sinjar, west of Ninewa province in northern Iraq. This is after yesterday’s airstrikes of Khansour area, targeting a house belonging to a civilian.
The source added that the shelling targeted a military convoy belonging to Ezidi units with two rockets; causing three causalities were taken to the Sinuni hospital.

The Sinjar resistance units were established in 2014 to fight the Islamic State terrorist organization after ISIS invaded the largest populated areas of the Ezidis in Iraq and the world, committing genocide against Ezidis because of their religious background.

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