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Ezidi boxer Yurik Ozmanyan crumbled Cordovez with a beautifully placed left hand

By Ezidi24

The regional World Boxing Association Fedecaribe title between Ezidi boxer Yurik Mamedov and Eduardo Cordovez from Venezuela. In the early stages of this fight, both boxers traded punches equally but Mamedov, the bigger of the two, soon showed his superiority. He hit Cordovez with some good body shots that obviously hurt, and although the Venezuelan tried hard, he was simply outfought and lost by technical knockout, when he failed to answer the bell for round four.

In the third round, Yurik stayed on the body and appeared to have his guy ready to go, Mamedov crumbled Cordovez with a beautifully placed left hand to the body, and the stoppage came shortly after the start of the fourth frame when Cordovez did not answer the bell.

Yurik Ozmanyan Mamedov born in Russia, having lived in Armenia, and growing up in France, Mamedov has come face to face with the harsh realities of life. Mamedov works hard and has sacrificed so much throughout his life.

Mamedov is an ethnic Ezidi, a religious minority based in Iraq. Because the Ezidies have resisted attempts to forcibly convert them to Islam, they are currently being brutally persecuted by Isis. Mamedov bills himself as the fighting pride of the Ezidies and wants desparately to build a successful ring career and then leverage that success to help the Ezidi people.

Yurik Mamedov wants to bring awareness of what’s taking place with his people by bringing it to the forefront through his boxing. Mamedov is not only fighting because he loves to box, he’s also fighting to give the Ezidi hope and to be a voice to shed light on the struggles that is taking place daily with his native people.


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