It is time to support Ezidi society, Nadia Murad reveals her true prize


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The Ezidi (Yazidi) Iraqi activist Nadia Murad said on Thursday 21st Nov. 2019 that “It was time to support the Ezidi community and that supporting her community is the real prize for her”.

This came through her speech on the occasion of her award at the Bambi Award ceremony held in Baden-Baden, southern Germany. She added “We as a global community have failed to protect vulnerable communities such as the Ezidis from genocide, but we must not fail to help these communities to recover, specially women and children”.

Murad said, governments have taken concrete steps to support Ezidi society, with children and women being welcomed by the German state of Baden-Württemberg, France, Canada and Australia.

Murad expressed her gratitude to those who supported her community, welcomed the survivors, and supported the work of the Nadia Initiative in Sinjar district. Nadia declared in her speech that she sees that the genocide is ongoing and never stopped against the Ezidi, because the majority of my community is still displaced within their own country, a few hours from their homeland, and thousands are still missing, the Ezidis are unable to return to their homes to resume their lives with dignity.

Moreover, those who committed these crimes against us have not been brought to justice.
Nadia added that when the Ezidi community seek for asylum in Germany, it because they have no other choices. Nadia Murad said that she has received many awards in the past years, including the Nobel Peace Prize, and stressed that the real prize for her is to support her community, support women and children, and bring ISIS to justice for the genocide they committed against the Ezidis.

At the beginning of her speech, Nadia Murad thanked the Prime Minister of Baden-Württemberg, Germany, Kretschmann for his support for Ezidi women and their children and for being with her at the Bambi Awards.

The German Bambi Award for Discrimination has been awarded annually since 1948 in several fields including media, arts, sports, culture and humanitarian work
It is presented by the Hubert Borda Media Foundation, the largest media awards in Germany and has won many celebrities including Muhammad Ali Klay, Bill Clinton, David Copperfield, Harrison Ford, Tom Hanks, Audrey Hepburn, Tommy Hilfiger, Rock Hudson, Michael Jackson, Queen Rania of Jordan, Heidi Klum, Karl Lagerfeld, Jennifer Lopez, Nelson Mandela, Kylie Minogue, Keanu Reeves, Meg Ryan, Claudia Schiffer, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Queen Silvia of Sweden and Bill Gates.

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