Senior member of Daesh so-called intelligence officer was arrested in Kirkuk

By Ezidi24



Senior member of Daesh so-called intelligence officer, a relative of former leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was arrested in a house south of Kirkuk, according to security sources.

The arrest came after an operation against terrorist group Daesh, also known as ISIS, in Kirkuk province, said the source, The special security operation carried out by the Iraqi police under the command of the advanced headquarters of joint operations in Kirkuk, was able to arrest the terrorist Hammed Saba al-Samarrai (Abu Khaldun) by security forces in Kirkuk, the terrorist was an senior member of Daesh intelligence in Iraq and one of Baghdadi’s relatives.

The source declared that a force from Hawija police station led by General Fattah al-Khafajee was able to arrest one of the ISIS leaders called (Hammed Shaker Saba al-Badri) known as (Abu Khaldun) inside the city of Kirkuk.

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