The Anti Terror Unites of SDF and Global coalition detained a senior ISIS smuggler

By Ezidi24

“The Anti Terror Unites of Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and global coalition detained a senior Islamic State so called the ISIS people smuggler in Dashisha. He smuggled ISIS/Daesh fighters out of Al-Hol Camp, to help them spread terror and violence across the region”. Mustafa Bali, the head of SDF press office wrote on his Twitter account

The smuggler was identified by SDF, his name is Shawaysh Sattam Saud Al-Airash, according the SDF press office Shawaysh took out a lot of ISIS members from Al-Hol camp to Iraq


Bali also added that, “he is also known as Shawaysh Sattam Saud Al-Ajrash Al-Thabti Al-Shammari. He is known to be part of a larger smuggler network and have links with ISIS members. This network smuggles fighters from Al-Hol camp to Iraq”

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