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Portugal recognizes the Ezidi (Yazidi) genocide, Yazda member assures to Ezidi 24 that this is a result of two years of working


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Last Friday 29th November 2019, members of the Portuguese parliament voted unanimously that what happened to the Ezidis (Yazidis) in Iraq was a genocide.

Yazda Global Organization wrote on its official websites that members of the Portuguese parliament voted unanimously on what happened to the Ezidis (Yazidis) on August 3, 2014 and the subsequent crimes as a genocide against the Ezidi (Yazidis).

Yazda’s representative in Germany, Saeed Qasim Suleiman, told Ezidi24 that the decision was the result of a long term working since 2017 when he and a group of Ezidis (Yazidi) survivors from ISISI captivity, met with Portuguese MP, politicians and the Portuguese government.

The Yazda’s partners (Estoril Conferences) the member of parliaments voted positively about the Ezidi (Yazidi) case as a genocide after many promises and several meetings by Estoril Conferences, and Yazda member Mr. Qasim Suleiman, survivors from ISIS captivity and enslavement; Farida Khalaf and Dalal Khairo with the Portuguese government, MP and politicians.

During the process, Ezidi (Yazidi) representatives encountered several obstacles, including the one relating to the Ezidi (Yazidi) refugee families from Greece. Portuguese government brought some Ezidi (Yazidi) refugee families from Greece to Portugal and these refugees left Portugal and emigrated to other countries for different reasons, but despite of that, the parliament voted unanimously and recognized what happened to the Ezidis (Yazidis) as a genocide.

Suleiman added “This decision is the result of a team effort, but it is largely due to the role of the survivors from ISIS captivity and their participation in the meetings as witnesses during their enslavement by ISIS and what happened to the Ezidis (Yazidis) when they were in Iraq.

Sulaiman said that during his work, he and a group of his colleagues, including survivors from ISIS captivity, met with countries’ presidents, political leaders and others to bring more attention to the Ezidi (Yazidi) cause, since 2016, Sulaiman works and represents Yazda Organization in Germany as one of the volunteers,

“Tooday, I’m so proud to see such a decision as and outcome as a result of their hard working”, said Saeed

He continued, “As an Ezidi (Yazidi) I was was happy and sad at the same time hearing this news, while this decision is a light part to support and strengthen the Ezidi (Yazidi) case, it is sad that there are still thousands of women and children missing since the first days of the genocide till today”

This recognition will support the Ezidi (Yazidi)case through Portugal’s support of the case at the international forums and international meetings, such decisions may not change the situation of his community and people living in tents immediately, but this is a one-step towards a larger Ezidi (Yazidi) case. This will help to get the world to hear and acknowledge the genocide that has happened to the Ezidis (Yazidis).

Suleiman concluded his speech, such a process may take many years to have others to formally be on Ezidi (Yazidi) side and make decisions in favor of Ezidis (Yazidis) case.

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