The spread of feminist sport in camps through social support

Ezidi24 – Diab Ghanem

Translation – Hanan Shivan

Sport is considered as the most important areas in life at a lot of societies and the most interested one . Like other societies, many people of the Yazidi community are interested in sport, and some of them have reached high levels where clubs and teams at the level of males . As for females, they avoid sport sometimes due to the lack of support, halls and their private stadiums in their area.

Before the displacement of the people of Shingal, there was a little interest in feminist sports, and lies at school participations , field games (athletics) and handball, but after their displacement, females had a large space to enjoy sports, including gym, football, and many other sports.

Feminist sport has received a large turnout until it reached to the opening of women’s football leagues in a number of camps and the opening of a number of gyms for women in the compounds that the displaced took as their shelter.

Sawsan Ismail, a young, Yazidi displaced woman who is interested in sports and especially football, spoke to “Yazidi 24 ″ saying,“ Sport is a beautiful and enjoyable thing and everyone has a right to practice it, whether male or female, yes there are some girls who avoid practicing sport but that does not mean that they do not like it, Sport is also a culture that we can use to raise the society as far as possible”.

She added, “It is good to find females participate with males at many fields. This is a positive point indicates to the development of society. There is a social support we hope that it will increase more and more. Yes, we play in popular teams, but if the support continues, we will have a bright future as sport lovers. Our colleague Naveen Saeed, who signed a contract to play for Duhok Club, is an evidence of that”.

The young man, “Ahmed Hussein” spoke to “Yazidi 24” and said, “The spread of feminist sport in the camps, especially football, is one of the positive points that the displaced have got, Women participate in all fields in ideal societies , and their support is very important not only in sports but also in all fields”.

He continued, “If we notice, we will find a lot of girls and women who have achieved successes in the field of art, education, etc., and this indicates to their abilities, I am sure that they will achieve success in sport as well and we hope to see them in the best clubs and so they can serve society through sport and raise the name of the Shingal”.

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