The Yazidi kidnapped girls have lived in torment of Isis prisons for years, they got free and still are living between the suffering and tragedy of displacement

Ezidi24- Tahseen Shex Kalo

Translation-Hanan Shivan


After the Islamic State (ISIS) attack on Shingal its members kidnapped thousands of Yazidi girls and trade them as captivities in sexual slavery , and they tortured them with ferocious barbarism and brutality in the prisons of Iraq and Syria.

After the operations to liberate the cities of Iraq from the terrorist state and the liberation of many Yezidi women, children and men from them, some women are still living in the suffering of tents and displacement.


In this context, the Yazidi survivor Hala Safeel in her interview for “Yazidi 24″ said ”till this day, the fate of more than 2,000 Yazidi women and children is unknown, and they are kidnapped by ISIS terrorists in Iraq and Syria. More than 80% of our people are still suffering from the bitterness of displacement every day, our devastated areas are unsafe,and not suitable for living and have become an area for various political and military conflicts, and only little has changed since Shingal’s liberation from ISIS control”.


And she also mentioned, “After suffering and tragedy for years under severe torture, and what we suffered from the brutalization of ISIS members, and their treatment with us and the trafficking in us, dozens of times in their prisons in different regions of Iraq and Syria. I demanded the government, the United Nations, and humanitarian organizations to set up a committee to search for Yezidis living in the torment of the Syrian camps (for example, Holl Camp), most of them are children, where ISIS brainwashed them, recruited them, and implanted ideas of extremism in their minds involuntarily, and their fate is still unknown due to the neglecting of the government and the United Nations.


She pointed out “our demands as Yezidi survivor girls from the government are serious work on the file of the survivors and compensating them with a monthly salary to resist the circumstances and the suffering of the tents after liberating them from the torture of ISIS, After their liberation, they suffered the same suffering and tragedy in tents، everyone trades them and among them some personalities, organizations and destinations that work between the displaced people.


She added, “There are many survivors who are waiting for the simplest types of help to manage their daily lives, and they are ready to work for a small sum due to the neglecting of the government and organizations, their children and families need expenses.”


She concluded her speech by sending a message through “Yazidi 24” and said: “My message and the message of my survived sisters to the whole world in the name of humanity, we have lived and are living our tragedies constantly, do not neglect our matter, consider us as your sisters and daughters, we have experienced the bitterness of life, every day is worse than the previous day. save us, save our kidnapped people, our lives are like a closed prison, free us and be with us and support our voice and our case. ”


Yazidi survivor Naveen Rasho also spoke to Yazidi 24 ″ and said, “Being one of the Yazidi survivor girls , I suffered a lot in the Islamic State (ISIS) prisons from psychologically and physical tortured by the Islamic State members, and I did not see any kind of help and support, and I’m getting through tired suffering daily.”


She stated that , “Many of the survivors are in urgent need of psychological support and material assistance to manage their lives, and there are many survivors who need operations to remove the fragments from their bodies as a result of military aerial bombardments of Islamic State sites and prisons in Iraq and Syria.”


She pointed out that “the situation of many survivors is much worse than ISIS prisons because of the negligence on the side of the government and the organizations concerned with the file of the survivors, due to the corruption prevailing in their projects, and that many of them were prevented from receiving a grant of the two millions that the Iraqi government disbursed to them because of exploitation and corruption.”


She also sent a message to the concerned authorities and society and said, “Civil society organizations and human rights, especially women’s rights, should work more on survivors and provide support and care for them, and set up a committee and teams to search for those survivors who are most in need for surgeries, As a result of being bombed and injured by shrapnel , so that diseases do not spread to their bodies.

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