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A local organization opens small projects for Ezidi females in camps, in a cooperation with government agencies


Ezidi24- Tahseen Alhaskani
Translation- Hanan Shivan

Kidnapping, homelessness, immigration, displacement, survivors, and many similar words have been a resonated in the ears of all Ezidis and the sympathizers with them from other Iraqi components and the whole world.

in Chamishko camp for displaced people in Zaxo there are many sad and painful stories under the tents, for the people of genocides( the Ezidis) amongst the silence of the United Nations and the concerned authorities.

after five years of displacement, and under the mercy of the tents ,there are survivor girls demand the United Nations and the concerned authorities to find a solution for their tragedies that lasted for years without ending.

Finally, in this camp, a small project was worked on to support a number of survivor girls inside the camp, which Is limited to commercial shops.

In this regard Faisal Ali,a member of Roja Shingal organization spoke to Ezidi24 and said ‘’ Roja Shingal Organization, in a coordination and financing from the Central Bank of Iraq, has implemented a project limited to fifteen small shops distributed equally among three camps, which are “Chamishko Camp, Sharia Camp, and Essian Camp”.

He explained that the project has been submitted by a request from the manageress of the organization (Resala Shakani) to the central bank of Iraq, and the request’s response was positive , The purpose of the project is to support the survivor girls financially to help their families, in addition to that it is considered as a kind of psychological support, as it helps them to get out of the tent ,mix with people and practice their daily work normally.

He pointed out that “Roja Shingal” organization is trying to undertake a similar project soon in displaced camps

“Ahlam Maiaa Khalaf” a Ezidi survivor and a mother of three children, the owner of one of the shops that were within the mentioned project, spoke to “Ezidi 24” and said, “Less than a year ago by the Brother Faisal Ali and the sister Resala Sharkani and their organization, I got this shop, which helped me a little to get past The crisis that I was living due to the capturing.

She added, “I am the only supporter for my children and what remained in the shop are a little pieces of clothes and a lot of customers do not find what they want in the shop, so sometimes I sell three or four pieces of clothes for three or four days, which makes it difficult for me to provide a livelihood for me and my children.”.

Appealing to the concerned authorities, she said, “We hope the best from the concerned authorities and the civil society organizations to provide the necessary support for the shop to be like the other shops and to win customers again so that I can provide a living for me and my children.”

In the same context, the Ezidi survivor girl, Ghalia Barjas Naif, spoke to Ezidi 24 and said, “I stayed in ISIS prisons for almost three years, and now it has been more than two years since I was free”

She added, “Roja Shingal organization helped me by providing me this clothes shop, and I thank them very much for what they gave me, but the shop needs more support and I do not have the money to buy the necessary things and clothes for the shop.”

she ended her speech by saying “what I have lived in ISIS prisons is unforgettable ,and this situations are increasing the pain that I have seen ,so through your institution I want to appeal the concerned authorities and those with compassionate hearts to look sympathetically to the poor people, especially the survivor girls from ISIS prisons”.

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