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Iraqi Human Rights to “Ezidi24 ″, The graveyard of Alu Antar contain more than a thousand of bodies belong to the Ezidis and Shiite Turkmen

Diab Ghanem-Ezidi24
Translation-Hanan Shivan

Today, Saturday,15th of February , 2020, a delegation from the Iraqi High Commissioner of Human Rights, accompanied with the International Committee of Missing people visited Tal Afar, which is located in the west of Nineveh Governorate in northern Iraq, which was the largest victim after Shingal by the terrorist State ISIS.

The delegation met the families of the missing people and the same file was discussed, as well as the survivors from ISIS prisons after they were kidnapped by the terrorist State when it attacked Tal Afar district, which is inhabited majority by Turkmen Shiite.

Dr. Ali Al-Bayati, a member of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, confirmed for “Ezidi24” and said, “There is a neglect for many of the files that are related to the cases of ISIS crimes , including those related to the Turkmen, Ezidis and other religious minorities, the most important of which is Alu Antar graveyard file that is located in Tal Afar district.” .

He continued, “This graveyard contain 400 bodies belong to the deceased from Shiite Turkmen, and also 600 bodies belong to the Ezidi component whom were killed by ISIS, in addition to that a number of other bodies belong to various components.”

He also continued, “This graveyard is one of the most heinous crimes of ISIS, not only because they killed them and threw them in the graveyard, but rather they exploded this graveyard from time to time in order to expand the graveyard further.”

He concluded, “The aim from this visit is to open this file,that was unfortunately, forgotten throughout this period, which is the file of the mass grave in Tal Afar and the file of the missing people and the survivors from ISIS, where there is no real efforts, governmental, or international programs for them.”

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