UNITAD Announces the Recognition of remains of the first victims of Yazidis mass graves in Kojo village



On Thursday 27/02/2020, Forensic Medicine in the capital of Iraq, “Baghdad” announced the remains of the first victims of the Yazidis mass graves were identified in kojo village which located in Shingal/Sinjar city, northern of Iraq, which would be handed over to their families by official and religious funeral ceremonies in Baghdad and Shingal/Sinjar city by the middle of next march.

The number of remains identified to date has reached 62, ranging from 12 to 86 years of age,all of them were men! and the causes of death were numerous shots throughout the body, especially head and chest.

These victims, from the Yazidi minority, were murdered in a manner humanity never witnessed before on  August 14, 2014 by the ISIS terrorist organization. ISIS carried out the deliberate and systematic mass murder of residents of the Sinjar city because of their culture and religious belonging.

Out of 81 mass graves and tens of individual graves discovered in Singal/Sinjar alone, 17 were opened in the kojo village, 17 were opened in the kojo village. 345 remains were extracted by the Cabinet Secretariat, the mass grave Affairs and Protection, Foundation of martyrs and the Forensic Medicine Directorate of the Ministry of Health. In addition to the employees of the Ministry of Martyrs and Incorporates in the Kurdistan region on 15/3/2019 with the participation and support of the UN International Investigation team (UNITAD) and ICMP.

The National Group of mass graves faced the problem of the small number of victims’ families donors Because of the policy of the terrorist organization that exterminated entire Yazidi families, the statistics of the genocide against the Yazidis are estimated at about 12,000 were killed, kidnapped and more than three thousand unaccounted for so far, most of them are women and children.

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