“4 Terrorists ” are chasing another young Yazidi , and his family are appealing for his rescue

Ezidi24 – Khalil Poko

Translation – Hanan Shivan

“Sharaf Elias Rasho” born in 1987 from Al-Yarmok complex in Sinjar district south of Nineveh govenate , He was arrested by the military intelligence before more than three months in accusation of cooperating with terrorism when he reviewed the Civil Status Department in the North.

His family appealed a lot of government agencies and Yazidi officials to intervene to save him , who was arrested wrongly or unjustly with terrorism cases, according to what his family said, after he reviewed the Civil Status Department in the North, to review and renew his personal identity, he was arrested by through intelligence.

About that “Namr Qasim Rasho “ Uncle of Sharif spoke to Ezidi24 and said “Sharaf was jobless ,and he never belonged to any political party or armed group, and he can’t read and write ,and before about four months, when he was working on renew his personal identity ,He reviewed the Civil Status Department in the North district, and it turned out that his name was on the wanted list of the government with the accusation of cooperating with “terrorism” and he was arrested by military intelligence in the district and he transferred to Mosul and then to Karbala.

“Rasho added, that during the Islamic State’s invasion known as “ISIS,” the Sinjar district in August 2014, Sharaf couldn’t take his phone and his formal papers, and we think that those formal papers and his phone have been used by groups, terrorism or even ISIS members to carry out terrorist operations, and unfortunately for him he was arrested by mistake or someone conspired on him. ”

Rasho appealed the Yazidi officials, the legal, and all owners of the capabilities and relationships, to work on this case and contribute to save the young man Sharaf from the ruling of imprisonment , he said that the case of Sharaf is not different from the case of ” Khaled “ the other who was sentenced to die according to the material 4 terrorism.

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