the organization of the( cultural centre of the Caucasus Yazidis) had an interview with one of the actress ( Alieva Sinam) of the film of (the girls of the sun)

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As you know, the French film “Les Filles du soleil” “Girls of the sun” was released not long ago. It was based on real events. This was the name of the Yazidi women’s battalion under the command of Xate Shingali, part of the Peshmerga. However, in the film by Eva Hasson, “girls of the sun” is a collective image of female battalions of Kurds and Yazidis who participated in the battles for Sinjar against ISIS.
This film was mostly shot in Georgia, where Yazidi girls took part. We correspondent managed to contact one of them, Alieva Sinam, and ask her a couple of questions about the film and how it was shot.

The first impression when you have passed the audition to filming the movie?

– Initially, when I was called, I didn’t even want to go, but my relatives asked me to go there. When I went to the casting, I was not serious, I did not even expect when they called and said that they had chosen me.

– How did you get to the casting and how did you find out about it?

– I didn’t know that this film was being made at all and what this film was about. Those who selected actors went to the Yazidis ‘ places of residence. It so happened that in one of the areas of their search lived my relatives, who recommended me. Two weeks later, they called me and told me they had chosen me.

– Where did the filming take place?

– The filming of the film took place mainly in Georgia, there were a couple of scenes in France, but the rest of the filming took place in the cities of Tbilisi, Akhaltsikhe and Rustavi.

-What was your empathy with the heroines who went through these trials?

– In fact, it was difficult in terms of the fact that when all of this was filmed. Sometimes it was so realistic. There were tears and laughter on the set, so we got used to the role.

– Have you met real people who went through this horror?

– During the filming, there were no people who survived this hell. We were invited by the military from Georgia, who taught us how to hold weapons correctly. We were trained for about two weeks, and then the filming started. There were 6 girls from Georgia, 5 of whom were Yazidis, and one was Georgian.

– Did the film help draw the attention of the world community to the problems of Yazidis?

-“I think so.” Thanks to such films, people learn about our people and I was happy to participate in this.

– How did the Yazidi community in Georgia react to this film?

– Initially, they reacted very violently, because the film was supposed to have a rape scene. They explained that there would be no scene, only screams. The family of these girls was against it, some did not even allow their girls to appear in the film.

– Do you think the identification of Yazidis is getting stronger or disappearing?


-“I used to think she was disappearing.” Gradually, positive trends became visible, thanks to such films. I also think the world wide web will help us Yazidis get closer and closer. At least start with this, then you will see.

– What is missing from the Yazidi community in Georgia?

– Yazidi schools, where events will be held on various topics related to Yazidi culture. Elementary, but my age Yazidis do not know about their traditions, religion, and some do not even know the language. It would be nice if there were a place or centers where we would study it.

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